Trader Joe’s and The Tale of The Killer Tofu

Trader Joe’s.  It’s still a new magical place for us Southerners.  I was graced in its presence when I interned in LA for a semester and knew there was a cookie butter, jar-shaped hole in my heart when I came back to Texas.  But it didn’t occur to me how much I missed this place until the very moment I stepped foot through those automatic doors.  Yes – we all know the Speculoos cookie butter is UH-mazing and the Five Buck Chuck is UN-believable but they have so many different other things to offer (*Hint, hint Triple Ginger Snap Cookies) that make you want to do things like cook! It’s not completely overwhelming like most grocery stores in large Texas cities, the produce seems fresh and in great condition, and there are just so many nice pre-cut, pre-packaged offerings.  It kinda reminds me of a more affordable Marks and Spencer in that way.

Anyway, I went to Trader Joe’s on a whim because I felt like being semi-productive after having a horribly down week.  When I walk in, I immediately become so excited by discovering pre-cut butternut squash, ready-to-cook lamb rack, SHELLED EDAMAME BEANS?! I wanted to run in the middle of the crowd, throw my hands up in the air and spin in a circle proclaiming, “I LOVE YOU MAGICAL WAREHOUSE FULL OF FOOD I’VE OBVIOUSLY SEEN BEFORE BUT NEVER IN THIS BEAUTIFULLY PRE-PACKED AND READY TO GO WAY”. I decided against it, went through the whole place in 15 min and checked out with a couple items I thought I could make into an acceptable meal.  I came home, unpacked my gatherings and decided to cook this Honey Glazed Tofu.  I mean because who doesn’t run into a store, grab some tofu and think, “why not add some more bean curd into my life?”  Cue Doug’s, Killer Tofu.

For starters, what everyone knows about me is that I don’t cook very often and when I do, it can be questionable. I mean, I literally set off the smoke alarm the day before trying to cook eggs. EGGS. The simplest thing in the book.  I do, however, would love to become a better cook, I just need time to practice. So, me, edging on to the big 2-6 in a week, thought I should step up my cooking game and just go for it.  I was feeling very good about myself that day.  But, to make a long story short, I’ll add some pictures and show the final product, which was pretty good if I say so myself.

IMG_0010 1     IMG_0011     IMG_0012

Yummm, bean curd.                           Sweet and Spicy marinade!             Looks legit, yeah?



Voila! Honey Glazed Tofu and then I threw some Kale into the mix because I’m a kale nazi and need it in everything.  Kale yeah.

The only thing I modified besides throwing in the kale at the end in to saute with the tofu, is that I didn’t use all the marinade because I was afraid it would make it too salty.  I usually am one to follow recipes to a T (which has never really worked well in my favor) but sometimes I like to pretend I’m some badass chef who says, “Eff the rules!” and goes rogue.  As rogue as you can get with kale.  Turned out to be a good choice on my part.  So as we move forward: Smoke alarm – 1, Lisa – 1.  Now I deserve to devour my ginger snaps in one sitting..or maybe two if we’re being wary about my figure 😉


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